The Most Expensive Homes In Toronto

Toronto has been one of my favorite cities to visit there’s. Amazing restaurants to eat at beautiful views to take in from the skyscrapers and plenty of history to learn, but living in Toronto has become more and more challenging for the middle class over time.

The price of housing has skyrocketed in the past ten years, and now the average cost of a detached home is approximately 1.3 million dollars. That being said, there are some homes out there that are more like 10 times even 20 times the cost of the average detached home.

Today we’re, going to take a look at how the wealthy live in Toronto and what kind of homes they can afford. Who knows? Maybe I’ll, find my future vacation home on this list. Number four: eight High Point: Road.

Seventeen point: nine million dollars if you’re looking for a castle to call your own eight High Point Road. Has you covered as long as you have seventeen point? Nine million dollars lying around located in York, Mills one of Toronto’s.

Most prestigious neighborhoods, the home, boasts stunning of private grounds and a beautiful facade. Several decks and patios grace the front of the home, giving the future owners a place to sip their 100 year old wine and count their money.

There are seven bedrooms and 15 bathrooms in the house, so you don’t ever have to worry about the home feeling crowded, Boehm has large windows and the atriums provide even more height to make this 16 thousand square foot house feel even larger than It is the entire home, has white marble floors and hardwood in the bedrooms, all of which is heated for those cold.

Canadian winters, even outside the driveway, is heated, meaning you’ll, never have to worry about picking up a snow, shovel or tossing down salt. Again, in fact, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything in this home.

There’s, an entire suite dedicated for a nanny and nursery, and a butler’s, pantry connected to the deluxe kitchen for fun. There’s, an indoor pool and spa, so you can swim year-round there’s, a hot sauna, a home theater and an elevator.

So you don’t even have to walk up the grand staircase number three. 194 rocks. Oh Drive, if you thought the last home looked a bit like a science museum. Well get ready for the art museum down. The street 1:9 for Rocksboro drive is a home, unlike any other, and it’s.

21.5 million dollar price tag reflects just that. The unusual home blends of natural wood, reflective, glass and frost a glass to create a unique experience that looks more like an exhibit than a home.

It was built in 2010 by a famous mathematician and the architecture full of different shapes certainly reflects that. The 17,000 square foot home only has six bedrooms in eight full bathrooms. All of the bedrooms makes stark white floors and ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows in light, wood touches, creating a blend between nature and an industrial futuristic.

Aesthetic the bathrooms introduce white marble as well as sunken spa tubs and rainfall showers, though the bathrooms and bedrooms are nice, they are merely a fraction of what the home has to offer. Naturally, there’s, a full gym with views of the grounds there’s, a full spa with a sauna steam room and even an indoor resistance pool there’s.

Also, an outdoor pool with a waterfall feature that wraps around the home. If you prefer a summer swim in nature, there’s, a cocktail lounge a full bar, a study in office, an art gallery a mudroom for kitchens located on the second third.

Fourth and eighth floor, oh and of course, this staircase number 285, the bridal path with an address like 85, the bridal path. You know the next home on our list has to be something rather bougie. As the kids say, the home is referred to as a chateau, and I can’t deny, it certainly looks like one and for 22.

9 million dollars. Well, it better feel like one too, the nine bedroom 11 bath French styled home, has 15,000 square feet of living and is set on two acres of land, full of manicured, gardens, fountains and walking paths.

The entrance of the home feels like something out of a vampire novel: full of stone, fireplaces cathedral ceilings, black chandeliers and wrought iron railings. The spiral staircase has stone, walls and dark wood touches and those dark wood touches are carried throughout the home, especially in the kitchen.

The kitchen has a butler’s, pantry a breakfast area, heated floors, granite, countertops and natural light through the French doors that lead out onto a Gatsby inspired patio. The home has several living areas, each with an open hearth, fireplace and white, or stone columns.

The bedrooms are also fitted with fireplaces as well, and the master bedroom has a glamorous seating area with floor-to-ceiling windows. The master also boasts a walk-in closet with built-in speakers, a chandelier and custom-made pullout drawers in a home that looks this classic.

Naturally, there has to be a library found beyond two solid oak doors. The library has custom-built bookshelves a marble and stone her and windows that overlook the garden. Then there are the fun rooms, the third level houses, the recreation area with a billiard room and a hockey rink.

This is Canada. After all, the stunning pool area in the backyard has its own pool house with a bar and changing rooms. Number 171: the bridal path, the distinguished title of the most expensive home in Toronto, goes to 71.

The bridal path, which is on a market for a whopping, 32 million dollars and the architecture of the home, makes that no surprise. The nine bedroom eleven bath house is full of opulent features that are evident the moment you enter the entryway as a grand staircase, with a massive crystal chandelier and even a glass dome to let sunlight flood in sticking to the luxury mansion label.

The Home has a cathedral ballroom for well, whatever ballrooms are used for these days. The kitchen has white marble, countertops crown molding two crystal chandeliers and gourmet appliances. Of course, there’s, a butler’s pantry, so chances are but cooking.

You’d, have to do in the kitchen is slim to none. If you’re sick of the marble, you can step downstairs into the wine cellar there’s, a full wet bar down the hall, as well as a large creational room, but the entertainment in the home, doesn’t.

Stop there there’s, a large indoor pool and hot tub encased in two-story windows. Spa areas are attached to the pool room with saunas, massage rooms and showers outside nestled within the manicured grounds.

You’ll, find the full-size tennis court and basketball court there’s, also a seating area with a fountain and barbecue for you to sit down and enjoy the summer weather and an outdoor fireplace as well.

So you can even enjoy it during the winter. The home has one other very unique addition. A private in-law suite with a separate elevator. The in-law suite has two luxury bedrooms, its own kitchen and beautiful living space.

So there you have it the most expensive homes in Toronto. What do you think which one’s? Your favorite, let me know in the comments down below, as always thanks for watching if you enjoy the video make sure to leave a like and subscribe.

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