The most affordable city-like suburbs in US

most affordable city-like suburbs

The suburbs moved into the spotlight this spring when the coronavirus pandemic untethered office workers from big city jobs — but bucolic living doesn’t have the same appeal for everyone.

A new study shows which affordable U.S. suburbs offer the highest-quality urban amenities including restaurants, nightlife and the arts. Two New England towns, Waterbury, Conn. and Lowell, Mass. topped the list, according to the analysis by Zillow and Yelp, based on affordability and availability of housing, diversity of business types and level of consumer activity.

“These towns have a lot of options for would-be homeowners who want big city vibes with nightlife and culture, but maybe here they can get a house that meets their wishlist for less money,” said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow home trends expert.

Waterbury topped the list for its vibrant student life and bustling downtown area, which includes the historic Palace Theater and the Mattatuck Museum of art. Waterbury homes are unusually affordable, selling for a median $139,304 — which is 30% less expensive than homes in nearby New Haven.

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