Sihanoukville new homes – A quick review

Sihanoukville has situated in the Cambodia South-West coastal region and it is the capital of Sihanouk.  It is one of the oldest and biggest coastal city with around eight awesome beaches which includes Ochheuteal Beach, Serendipity Beach, Victory Beach, Independence Beach, Sokha Beach, Otres Beach, Hawaii Beach, Hun Sen Beach.


The coastal city has the population less than a lakh making it a congenial environment for the foreigner to invest in these areas.

Economic Environment:

Due to increased development in the different sectors especially in the tourist industry and commercial markets, it makes the city ideal for right-now investment opportunities yielding more profits in the future.

Most of the foreigners are interested to invest due to greater advantages and unexpected mammoth growth in the real estate industry.  Currently, Cambodia is experiencing higher growth in the housing and residential sector where the land prices are skyrocketed to an unimaginable level than the past.

Future Prospects:

In the mere future, the city growth will be overwhelming with a multi-terminal port which boosts the import and export trading around the globe.  The Cambodian Government also started focussing on improving the infrastructure, roads, transportation and other basic amenities in order to boost the developments in various sectors.

Sihanoukville Real Estate Market:

Sihanoukville new homes are in the boom stage now.  Most of the developers are interested to build Condominiums, Casinos and other commercial areas to attract the tourists especially from China but also from the rest of the world.  Sunshine Bay, Blue Bay, and D’Seaview, the SeaGate Suite are the few among the successful major projects which are provided with many basic amenities as well as with luxury services.

Coastal Land:

Coastal land demand is increasing in recent years and becoming the major focus on the development of residential areas by the real estate developers.  Most of the cities of Sihanoukville relies on tourism to a greater extent.  The price in these areas are around 450 to 2500 USD per  Sq.m and it varies depending upon the location.  It is one of the ideal places to build a beach house or a villa and hence the land prices seems to be expensive.



Downtown land:

It is the second expensive way of buying a property in Sihanoukville.  Depending upon the area, the land prices may vary from 200 to 700 USD per Sq.m  Apart from residential projects, Investors seeking to venture commercial projects can also consider the downtown land.

Residential Land:

When compared to coastal and downtown land, the land prices in the residential land are cheaper.  This type of land is mainly focussed on residential projects.  Generally, this region is not suited for commercial projects due to less access.  The land prices stretch between 120-300 USD per Sq.m.

Agricultural Land:

The agricultural land types are mostly far away from the urban places and it is one of the cheapest landforms in the city with the prices varies to a few couples of dollars.

A comparison of Land prices:

When compared to land prices in the city, the land prices in the downtown, residential land, and agricultural land are lower than the coastal land.  Depending upon the investor wish, one can enjoy the beauty of seashore and coastal beaches either by investing in the coastal land or in the residential land or any other type of land considering the budget on the hand.