Importance of Valuation Before You Buy Land


Most people wrongfully assume that buying a piece of land is all about the exchange of money and the asset. It is very important to have the piece of land that you are buying appraised. It helps to make a wise financial decision in purchasing the land. There are many reasons that prompt the advice that appraisals are important before purchase. They include;

·         Establishment of worth

When a piece of land is appraised before you make commitment through payments, you are able to establish its value. An appraisal tells you what the land could go for in an open and competitive market. Once you know that you will be empowered as you bargain for a fair price.

·         Ascertainment of location strength

When you have a prospective investment appraised you are able to get adequate advise on whether it is wise to purchase land in that area code for whatever project you wish to initiate there. You will be informed of the probability of its success.

·         Establish appreciation rate

Before you buy a land it is very important to know the rate of appreciation of that land. Land is an asset that if you wished to dispose of at a later date, should give you better income than the input you made. An appraisal will tell you if it will be possible and how quick it could happen.

·         Informed decision making

A decision to buy land is very critical. It is not the same as when you decide to buy a new shirt. There are a lot of variables to put on the table and analyze. Only an appraisal can give you a complete and accurate account of these variables. It is only then that you can make an intelligent decision.

·         Legal cover

Having an appraisal done, helps to keep you away from the ever increasing intense legal battles over land. The procedure will tell you if there is any dispute whatsoever involving the land. In this way you will be able to decide whether you are willing to risk it or not. Legal battles involving land often take years during which you cannot develop or resell the land as a matter of legal precedence.


Make a point to have any land that you wish to buy valued before you make any step towards purchase. It will save you a lot of possible heartache later.