How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Sea View Property In Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur city sea view property

Boundaries are just for people and countries. No boundaries can bind one’s dreams and aspirations. Real estate market has broken these boundaries and made possible these dreams turn into reality. Today, anyone can gift an exotic home at a high profile destination or a villa with clam, serene seafront to the loved ones.

Kuala Lumpur is one such unblemished city, with real estate price changing every day. It is the fastest growing city in Southeast Asia, with property investors crawling from various parts of the world, thriving to call it home. With such demand, it is not surprising to find the properties at a skyrocketing price. The location of the property influences the cost of it in the real estate market. The brand value of the developer and luxurious facilities influence the price of the property.  An apartment in a high-rise with a sea view may see the price climb up as you climb up the floor. Properties with a rotating restaurant at the top floor, or a grand swimming pool facing the city scrapers, would cost a bomb price for the property.

Kuala Lumpur city sea view property

What is the price to own a sea view property?

 Properties offering a sea view fall under comparatively higher-priced list because it provides something exclusive. Seekers of such real estate options will accurately show the preference. Locating a sea view property for sale in Kuala Lumpur would vary in its price tag from one another, as:

  1. Properties are providing a view of the sea on one or selected rooms of the building. The lesser the number of such rooms, the lower the price. A villa or condo located on the beachfront always comes with a value in the highest million RM range, while an entry-level apartment with one bedroom view of the sea wall is within the million.
  2. Builders do not confine the construction with just the sea view. They accommodate other modern or customized facilities within and around the property. It adds on the price with more facilities on the value proposition. For example, Kuala Lumpur is not as such a beach city. However, the builder makes up for it by bringing in all the urban facilities within and near the property, fulfilling the best connectivity with the capital city. The apartment on the highest rise within the urban boundaries will offer you the panoramic view of city life, hilltops, waterfronts, and comparatively distant sea horizon.
  3. As everywhere else, the more the area of the apartment, the higher the price shoots. You can get an apartment near the beachside of Penang, almost 350 km from Kuala Lumpur well under a million RM, while a sprawling five-bedroom sea-front villa in the same vicinity will cost a whopping 15 or 20 million RM.
  4. Condominiums of varied price range and amenities are spread along the entire western coast. The most significant influence on prices is the proximity to shopping or tourist hubs. A 3-bedroom Condo on the Morib Beach, almost 70km from KL will cost somewhere around RM 80,000. They free you from the maintenance duties of sea-front properties while allowing the double-shifting of the same property for a bunch of visitors or backpackers.