10 Best Places To Invest in Real Estate and Buy Property


Have you been contemplating about investing in rental property overseas? A lot of property investors are looking at the global markets for overseas property investments that will bring them high rental yields.

It will not only help you generate cash flow, but will also let you cover the mortgage from the rent paid by your tenant. If you have decided to build a nest egg for the future by investing in the overseas market, make sure you navigate through the financial systems properly.

The procedures in other countries might work differently compared to those at your homeland, so be prepared to navigate through. All of that, as we move into 2020, these locations dominate is markets of opportunity, so here are 10 best places to invest in real estate

10. France.

The French real estate market, is one of the most popular areas for long term ROI in Europe. It allows you to make in-country financing something that not all countries can claim to offer. The interest rates for mortgages are quite low, while the loan to value is as high as 85 %, which means that you can opt for more refinance options.

As far as taxation is concerned, the rental income tax is lower than the other European countries number

9. Germany.

When it comes to making a property investment in one of the European countries. Germany can be your safest bet.

Having attained a state of financial stability, it has established itself as one deleting financial forces in the world, so you wouldn’t, be in a loss upon investing there. Another factor that makes Germany one of the safest countries for real estate investment is its low cost of living and an effective income tax rate that you can capitalize.

8. Cyprus.

Cyprus, with steady rental yields, Cyprus has become one of the most significant countries for real estate investment. You can enjoy the benefits of a stable income that would cover your running costs, mortgage payments and other monetary problems that may pop up while buying a property, the property sales prices are also pretty decent.

So investing in cypresses real estate market can be a win-win situation.

7. Thailand.

You can count on Thailand while planning to make an investment overseas. The country has a strong economy and expanding tourism industry that can make your investment more worthwhile.

Make sure you invest your money in the condo market, because a condo is more cost effective and easily manageable as compared to the other individual properties. Moreover, it is the only real estate that you can take freehold so buying. It would be more beneficial for you

6. United Arab Emirates.

Want to invest in a tax friendly country. You can think of investing in the UAE. The country offers a higher rental yield, thus making you reap the maximum benefits of your investment, as there is no income tax.

You also don’t end up having to pay tax on accumulated rent. If investing in residential units is your goal, you can choose from Dubai wide range of properties. The country is one of the most tax friendly countries in the world, which leaves residents with more income to devote to rent

5. Morocco.

Morocco having a reassuring macroeconomic status. Morocco can be one of the best places for foreign property investments. It is relatively more affordable and also offers a higher standard of living. Besides that it has an effective banking framework that can protect your business interests in the best possible way.

In case you are wondering about the double taxation issue that most experts have to face in other countries worry not. You are not suggesting two such issues in Morocco

4. Panama.

Panama, is one of the best countries for real estate investment with the investment of Venezuelan Colombian and Argentine buyers.

Its property market has become quite stable. It is constantly making progress as compared to the other real estate markets in this region. Besides that it is a fertile breadbasket, so once you invest there, you can also make money by participating in agricultural projects. If you are so inclined

3. Philippines.

If you are planning to buy property across the world, consider buying one in the Philippines with the increasing number of foreigners in the country. The value of the properties in this country has a great potential to escalate in the future, making you reap the benefits of the investment you make today.

There is a massive housing backlog in the Philippines, which means that more than 20 million Filipinos are looking for rental properties. The increase in middle-class buyers in the Philippines has also led to a higher supply of houses in this bracket.

2. Colombia.

Characterized by a desire for innovation and change Colombia, can be a good choice for foreign property investments. During the last decades, its economy has grown by 3.8 percent and the GDP has even doubled, which clearly indicates the tremendous progress the country has made. So far, moreover, it has a high rental yield, which means you can generate more profit, while investing her

1. Indonesia.

With a healthy economy and a variety of natural resources. Indonesia is one of the best countries for real estate investment.

It has a good investment climate, so if you invest there, chances are high that you won’t feel disappointed. Another reason that you can consider buying property in Indonesia is because of its profitable domestic market.

It is a densely populated country where you can find various consumers willing to take a property on rent as an overseas landlord. You can give it on rent and enjoy more stability and better profits as the rental yield grows, while it is still not easy for foreigners to buy a property outright in Indonesia, leasehold arrangements are common.

In addition, the government has also been contemplating a proposed bill to introduce overseas investments in property
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